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Do you like wearing a watch? No? But you would like to know what time is it without pulling out a mobile phone from your pocket all the time? Make this wristband with watch in a retro style for yourself in colours you love! NEW COMPETITION! Make your own wrist watch according to these instructions for yourself or as      a Christmas present, send me your photos through the email to 31.01.2015. Add your name and town and your creation will be add to the draw for one   of my creation kit! Your photos will be also placed on my web pages as an inspiration... New bracelet in two hours? Sure... I really enjoy situations when I am wearing or carrying something what I create myself! Do you know this feeling? If not, is time to change this a try it... and believe me, the others will notice this... Are you deep in thought what give your friend, mum, sister or another woman as a present? Do you want to be unique, inventive and absolutely original? Make a present by yourself. Try to create a bracelet in two hours. You will be delight - twice... in your finished result and in joy of gifted one. I know these feeling for years since I am creating gifts with my own hands.

When are ideas comming...

So, this “beauty” I created and finished in time of recovery. I can’t say that I have not much to do with our three children and operated umbilical hernia, but when are ides comming, I am not able to ignore them :-) for a long time. I think that its quite nice-looking. I got a good responses in women arround for it... I think that according to the new offers of this purse (in different colours, of course). What do you think about it? Would you like to be this purse prepared as a Set to create it yourself? My notice to this purse: I’ve been using this purse for more than 6 months and I have to say, that this one creation is one of the best - for its dimensions, shape, inner place and design - purse/bag I’ve ever had. Due to this my own experience I decided that I will prepare this purse as a Complete KIT with illustrated instructions, handles and wooden bottom also. Only thing you would have to ensure yourself is fabric in colours you like! Will be ready to order in the middle of December.
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News I am replacing my BLOG to my eshop directly http://www.dovedne- I hope that through the time will be blog only there in English also. (Date: 22.11.2014) I add NEW patterns to download for free in CZ, EN and GE. (Date: 22.11.2014) NEW COMPETITION! More please read in notice “Wrist Watch in a retro style”. (Date: 21.11.2014) NEW photos of original creations have been add to the gallery. (Date: 21.11.2014)