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What is a Locker Hooking?

Locker hooking is absolutely unique hand-craft technique that resembles a carpet weaving. In locker hooking are fabric strips, yarn, wool or whatever you like pulling through the specific canvas. Loops that are formed on the canvas are fixed by locking medium cotton twine and by this are secured against the pulling out and unstitching. For hooking is used special tool which look as a hook (from the one side) and needle (from the second side). For making loops we use the end with the „hook“ and for locking medium cotton twine the end with large „eye“. It is so easy.

What do you need to start?

You will need only a few basic things to the locker hooking. Please, see below the list of basic terms you can meet in the connection of locker hooking. Rug canvas is a basic material. It is available in several fabric density and this determine their purposes. Locker hook is a basic tool used (from one side) to pulling fabric strips/yarn, etc. up to the canvas to make loops and (by the other end of this tool) fixing these loops by locking medium cotton twine. Locking medium cotton twine is used to fixing loops on the canvas against the unstitching. Hooking material - possibilities of hooking material are almost endless – you can choose any kind of material you like or which is suitable for your own project. The basic material for locker hooking are fabric strips, ribbons, yarns, leather, recycled fabric material, silk, raw wool, etc. Tapestry needle is a helping tool for framing by whip stitching and to the other finishing. You can choose between rounded tapestry needle or needle for wool which will not damage fibres. Scissors, needle
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